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X-Run enables the child to participate in parents’ active livestyle. X-Run is a light jogger-type stroller based on aluminum frame and 16-inch. Rear wheels attached angularly provide stability while speeding. Safety belts with pads provide additional security. X-Run is easy to fold and has easily detachable wheels.


  • five point harness

  • hand brake

  • flashing X-lander logo

  • removable nappy bag with zip 

  • mosquito net integrated in footrest

  • stroller’s cushioning

  • high quality washable fabrics

  • height adjustable handle bar

  • two step hood opening

  • adjustable leg rest

  • foot support

  • backrest adjustment

  • foot muff

  • simple wheel removal system

  • light alloy frame

  • comfortable brake pedal

  • shopping basket

  • ball-bearing wheels

  • quick release wheels

  • inflatable wheels

  • handle adjustment


This system comes with the following accessories:

  • baby cot with cover, mosquito & raincover (adapters included)

  • strolley with comfortable mattress and legs cover

  • strolley raincover

  • three air bicycle wheels

  • two brakes system (rear wheels brake and hand brake system)

  • baby carseat (0-13kg) with 2 adapters (adapters comply with Maxi-Cosi carseat)

  • shopping bag on the push-handle with changing mat inside

  • waist bag

Delivery time: 3 - 5 business days

 1 year guarantee

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Car seat designated for baby up to 13 kg (group 0+). It can also be used as a rocking chair.
It contains; mountable hood and very confortable carrying handle.
It contains; 3-point seat belt with adjustable tightening for sufficient safety and confortable position for your baby.
Shoulder pads will protect your baby's neck in case the belt is overtightened and will make the juorney more confortable for your child in the summer time.
The car seat contains a raising pad that will decrease the seating angle, which is designed especially for new borns.
There is also a small container (for a toy or nappy) hidden on the rear side of the car seat.


X-PRAM is a lightweight carry cot, that can be mounted on the X-lander X-A, X-Go, X-T, X-Q* and X-V* strollers.
X-Pram contains the following accessories:
- two adapters (left + right)
- mosquito net
- raincover
- comfortable soft mattress

Inside dimensions:: 76x32cm
Weight: 4,6kg

* - The locking mechanism on prams for X-Q and X-V strollers is different than on prams for X-A, X-Go and X-T strollers. Due to similarity X-Q and X-V prams are not shown.

This ultra-light “jogger” stroller enables the baby to take part in his parents’ active lifestyle. The stroller has an aluminium frame and big 16-inch rear wheels with a smooth tread. The rear wheels mounted at an angle ensure excellent stability of the stroller, which makes it the most sportive of all our models. The wheel position takes into account higher requirements of active people with regard to speed, increased pressure and uneven surface.
The stroller is very easy to handle. The hand brake allows to reduce the stroller speed smoothly and gives you full control of the stroller during the ride.
The stroller is provided with a special detachable basket. It looks like a small but practical bag. It can be hung on the stroller handle, is easily detachable and can be carried like an ordinary handbag.


The child’s comfort and well-being

The comfortable stroller seat has been designed to ensure comfort for the child no matter when and where you travel. Smooth backrest regulation provides uncompromised comfort for your little one, because it is the seat that adjusts to the baby and not the other way round. A soft mattress and cotton padding guarantee that your child’s travel is really comfortable. Owing to the adjustable footrest the child can freely and comfortably put his legs in any position. The stroller comes with a protective footmuff. It is a warm sleeping bag with polar fleece lining, which covers also the upper part of the child’s body protecting it even from the sharpest frost. 












Safety guarantee

A five-point harness with soft shoulder pads ensures that your darling will never fall out of the stroller. The harness does not constrict the child or restrict her movements. A detachable bumper bar is covered with soft padding. The bar can be removed, so you can easily and effortlessly put the baby into the stroller or take him out of it even when he is asleep. The stroller is provided with two brakes. The foot-operated brake blocks the wheels and immobilizes the stroller. The user-friendly hand brake makes you feel safe because it helps your reduce the speed, even when jogging.


Very easy to fold and transport

Transport and storage of the stroller are made easy owing to quick-release wheels and innovative stroller design.
The frame is made of light aluminium alloy. The stroller is very rigid, sturdy but, nevertheless, ultra-light, which makes it easy to carry, even up or down stairs.


Durable and easy to use for many years

The high quality outside fabric of the stroller seat and bassinet is specially impregnated to make it waterproof and prevent colours from fading in the sun. The fabric is very durable and also pleasant to the touch. Easily removable washable upholstery. The upholstery retains all its properties after washing. The foldable stroller hood has a window, through which you can watch your baby. Small pockets conveniently placed on the hood and on the backrest can hold plenty of useful items like a teat, a mobile phone or house keys close at hand.


Dimensions: Length: Height: Width:
Folded: 98 cm 50cm 65 cm
Unfolded: 120 cm 110 cm 65 cm
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